Time to Stand up against the attrocities in Swat!


The reason I find myself on my blog again is the horrific public lashing of the 17 year old girl in Swat yesterday. There has been a public outcry in Pakistan…. and what a relief. That gives me great hope for Pakistan as a nation. Some pakistanies in denial blame the usual suspects: India, amerika and Israel. But the majority of pakistanies have had enough of these talibani lunatics!

X-plosiv.no has started a petition, to be given to the embassy of Pakistan. “Stop the maddness in Swat”. Ultimatly it is the government of Pakistan which is reponsible for the safety of the pakistani people.

We can not, and will not be passive bystanders whilst our beloved Pakistan is shredded to pieces by religious extremists. I can not believe a part of Pakistan (Swat) has been freed from the pakistani law to create their own barbaric sharia law legislation.

Regardless of the date of the clipping. We as muslims and pakistanies in and outside Pakistan can not tolerate such inhumane acts in the name of Islam!

If you understand norwegian, please read the link regarding the inhumane actions of the pakistani taliban, and how norwegian-pakistanies try to make a difference.

Stop the madness in Swat!

Please sign the petition (Which is in norwegian and english on


Do visit  http://www.x-plosiv.no/


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