Tunafish pasta with capers


My husband is not open to any fish other than salmon. He¬†ate this dish without knowing what was in it. When he said he loved it, I told him that it was tunafish ūüôā

This is yet another healthy dish with omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D. And who does not love a wholesome, healthy and delicious dinner?

You need:

500 gr. Tunafish (fresh, but I used canned tuna in olive oil)

I small bottle of capers (kapers, as you see them in the picture, are they “capers” in english) ūüėČ tunfisk-pasta.jpg

8 small sardines (I found these italian sardines, they are lovely)

1 lemon (zest and juice)

Basil (handful)  tunfisk-pasta1.jpg

two tomatoes

Fresh red chilli (deseeded, cut in juliennes )

2-3 garliccloves

Salt and pepper (freshlygrounded)

Extra virgin olive oil

This is a simple and inexpensive dish, and I LOVED it.

Take the tuna out of the boxes and make flakes of it in a bowl. Crush the basil to a paste with salt and pepper, mix it well with the zest of one lemon and the juice. Now add 2-3 tbs of EVOO. Use this mixture to marinate the tuna.

In a pan add some EVOO and the sardines, fry them till they melt away. Now add the finely chopper garlic, chillies and the capers. Fry on low heat for 2 minutes, add tomatoes and tunafish. Cook for 5 minutes and put aside. Cook some pasta, then take the tunafish and mix it well with the pasta. Add some chopped coriander.

As you can see, this was easy breasy! The taste is sharp and tangy, the tunafish comes out smooth and lovely!

Bon apetite


Sicilian meatballs with pasta blanco

Scicilian meatballs and pasta blanco!

After days of depression due to the venomous out-pore in the media regarding desis and immigrants here in Norway, I have had enough! What better way to get out off depression then to eat ūüôā That one always works and makes me happy. I enjoy both cooking and eating….

Well I made these meatballs and pasta, and it was absolutely wonderful!

The meatballs are the size off a tennis-ball each. Cooked in the oven and with tomato-sauce.

You need a kilo of ground beef, two tins off excellent quality canned tomatoes. (high end grocery-shops always carry a variety of canned tomatoes. I would suggest Smartclub for those who really want to find the best canned tomatoes). The meatballs are simple to make. Have the ground meat in a bowl and add herbs and spices (e.g. salt, black pepper, a little chili, loads of Parmesan, basil and breadcrumbs). Make tennis-size meatballs. Put two cannes of tomatoes in the baking tin, add salt and pepper to it, place the meatballs on top and cook for 30-40 minutes.


Serve with the wonderfully simple pasta blanco (pasta with EVOO, garlic, Parmesan and freshly grounded salt and pepper)!

I made these for the first time and this is now a permanent addition to the dinners I make frequently…..

Did I mention I love Italian food? :-))

Bon appetite!

Beef Tenderloin with lemon and rosmary potatoes!

Shazia’s Beef Tenderloin with lemon and rosmary potatoes and mushroom gravey!

First of all, A very HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!

Each year on new-years eve we have been to my mom’s house and had a wonderful last meal of the year. This year my mom is not in the country so we changed the tradition! Instead of a new-years-eve dinner I made a dinner for the first day¬†of the new year ūüôā This was what was for dinner today:

A wonderfully tender oven-backed beef Tenderloin with lemon and Rosemary potatoes.

I got a gorgeous piece of beef tenderloin (cost me a fortune). Covered it with freshly ground salt. Took 2 tbs of whole black-pepper, roasted it in the pan for a few seconds and grounded it on to the tenderloin. Some fresh or dried Rosemary to top it all. Put some EVOO in a pan on high heat and roast the beef on all sides so that it gets the golden color and the juices are sealed inside it. You then put the whole tenderloin in the oven on 160 degrees Celsius with a meat thermometer in it. When the thermometer shows 60 degrees, you have perfectly cooked medium tenderloin. Tenderloin should never be made well-done as that “kills” the wonderfully tender meat.

 A medium done beef tenderloin

Peal and cut the potatoes. Take a big skillet and boil plenty of water with salt added. When boiling put in the potatoes together with whole garlic cloves and whole lemon. Let it boil for 10-12 minutes. Discard the water. Put the potatoes in the same pan you roasted your tenderloin. Add EVOO and rosmary and mix well. Cook in the oven for about 45 minutes. HEAVEN!!!

With the tenderloin and the potatoes I have made mushroom gravy and pepper-sour-cream. Use the beef broth after cooking out the pan you initially roasted you beef in. Put this in your gravy…. together with mushrooms.

This was an amazing start of an hopefully amazing years! Cheers!!

Pasta Bolognese

pasta bolognese

I love Italian food. Pasta a lot more then the pizza. A while back I used to use the ready to cook pasta-sauces. They worked fine for me. There is a lot of variety and also mostly good quality products. But since I came across this recipe I have never bought or used bottled/canned pasta-sauce.

I must admit that homemade bolognese sauce (or any other pastasauce) is a different ballgame all together! My bolognese sauce is as a matter of fact not that difficult or time-consuming to make. Here is the recipe:

  • 500-600 gr. of ground meat (kj√łttdeig)
  • 1 red onion
  • 1-2 celery sticks (selleri)
  • 1-2 carrots (gulr√łtter)
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic (hvitl√łksfedd)
  • 2-3 tbs of red pesto (optional, but I love it)
  • 2-3 dl chicken-broth (kyllingbuljong par kuber)
  • 2 cans of diced tomatoes
  • freshly grinded salt/pepper
  • 1 tbs of sugar
  • a side chunk of Parmesan Reggiano (the part you cant grate…. put it in and let it simmer)


Brown your grounded meat in some EVOO. Finely chop all the veggies including the garlic. Add garlic to the meat first, fry a little. Now add all the veggies, diced tomatoes, all the spices, sugar, chicken-broth (also some green herbs if you like e.g. basil, oregano). Your job is done, now just let it cook on a low flame for an hour (the longer the better).


Your bolognese sauce is ready. This sauce can be used in lasagna, on pizza etc. I usually serve it with tagliatelle or spaghetti, but this was what I had at home today.

This was for dinner yesterday!!

It’s sunday, and I made Aloo-parathas! (not waffles) :-)


After reading my post on waffles and Sundays a number of times, I got a process going in my mind. Apparently there was a void in my Sunday-morning-breakfast-life. Parathas!!!

Well, I left all my inhibitions and did what had to be done. This morning I made parathas the way my dad made them. It took me two hours, but boy did it pay of!

mat-021.jpgYou¬† can buy Atta (desi chapati flour) from any desi-store (innvandrerbutikk). But if you like me today don’t have any in hand, just mix equal amounts of plain flour and Fibra. Just plain flour won’t do it. Add a little salt and knead well with luke warm water. Boil som potatoes and mash the well, add some salt, red chilli powder, garam masala, fresh koriander and Zeera powder. (Watch out, a little goes a long way).

mat-019.jpg  mat-024.jpg mat-025.jpg

Now make balls of dough and knead them out a little. Take two dough balls, put the potatoemix on one and the other “ball” on the top. Squeeze the ends well and then use a rolling pin to make Parathas. Fry them in some oil/butter!

Parathas are eaten with a variety of things, but we always ate them with yogurt natural with some sugar in it, mango pickle and fried eggs (sometimes). You can eat them with whatever you prefer.

One thing I can promise you is a truly “desi” culinary experience! (There won’t be any dinner today, these fill you enough for the whole day)!!

Sundays are waffle days!


When I was a little girl and right up until my marriage and moving out, Sundays were paratha days. All of us used to look forward to Sundays, for this simple reason. My dad used to make the best parathas in the world. Parathas filled with potatoes, mmm yummi!!

There was this special ambiance in the kitchen when dad used to show of his amazing culinary skills, with all of us kids and mom as helpers. Those are some wonderful memories.

I believe I was thirteen the first time I heard about the weight monster and exercise. I was a petite girl, but the thing got stuck in my mind. I had to watch my weight at the tender age of thirteen, although I was underweight at the time. BUT that did not stop me or my siblings from divulging into a parathafeast. Those were the days!!

Nowadays, no aloo-parathas in the house, ever! Sundays now are waffle-days. Even though I miss parathas every time a dig my teeth’s into a waffle, my children love waffles. This is no culinary challenge. Waffles are super easy, hence mom (which would be me) is super happy.

In Norway you are served waffles at junior’s football match, at kids birthday parties, when visiting a Norwegian friend for coffee, on flee-markets along side hot-dogs and like at our house, on Sundays!

Unlike American, Belgian or french waffles, Norwegian waffles are somewhat healthy and simple to eat. I make mine with “Fibra” the new flour containing 11% Fibres. This makes them much healthier then the usual version. I add no sugar, just a hint of salt, eggs and milk. The only unhealthy thing would be the 100 grams of margarine! Waffles are served with strawberry jam, brown goat-cheese or sour-cream. The sour-cream has never been tasted at our house but I love waffles with goat-cheese!

I often think, life is too short, maybe I should make alooparathas on a sunday??

Have a wonderful sunday!

Channa Chaat, 20/11-07

mat-014bb.jpgThis is a very popular dish in Pakistan and is eaten frequently when out shopping. As we eat a burger or sandwich, here in Norway. It can be best described as a salad and you cant get healthier salad then this! It is made of Garbanzo beans (your protein source), boiled potatoes (carbs), onions, tomatoes, fresh coriander, fresh mint leaves, tamarind sauce, salt and chaat masala. My mom taught me this dish and I love it, and can eat loads of it!

Made it yesterday…and it was finished in a jiffy!