Marte Michelet – who let the dogs out?

Islamophobia is on a roll. Europeans don’t acknowledge it, but they are in it, head first. The continent with the most horrific of the crimes in recent history, the holocaust. Has less to be proud of as the racism and fascism raises it’s head. Though they are in denial, as Europeans tend to regard themselves as super-beings. The most civilized westerners of the lot. They have at last found an enemy and how! There is no problem in the world they can’t pin on the Muslims. However the most intriguing part of the situation is self-glorifying and apparent lack of common sense.

A woman of substance tells it like it is, in a national newspaper. Both her and the newspaper are of-course labeled “muslim whores”. Marte Michelet speaks of the raising islamophobia, happening at this very moment around Europe. The level of hatred and animosity against Muslims is taking the form of violent and non violent outcries against in most cases innocent fellow-citizens. Their only crime being their religion. Does this ring a bell anyone? Is history repeating itself, and are we being witness to a new Nazi uprising and a new holocaust in the making?

The outrages out-pours to Marte Michelet makes you wonder. Who let the dogs out? The comments to her piece has crossed 720 and still counting! Whatever did the Muslims in Norway do to the Norwegians? Okay, so in some crime-statistics the immigrants are overrepresented. There are ofcourse things done by people with muslim believes which are disgrace. There are crimes committed by them as by any other person with or without the baggage of illiteracy, poverty and other social issues. As no-one with a normal mind would pin all Norwegians pedophiles because some of them were. Or no-one with a normal mind would label all catholic priests as child-abusers, because some were. But now every immigrant is automatically labeled a Muslim, and every Muslim is a wife-beater, terrorist and socially incompetent. Well, hold on a little. There are some striking resemblance between this and the extremists in Muslim countries blaming the west and USA for everything. It is quite ironic to see that the mob against islam is getting quite like the ones they “hate”.

Another interesting aspect of this headless out-pour is that now every other Norwegian is a semi-mullah. To pin you down they have studied the quranic verses and hadiths more then you have. Now they tell you that as a matter of fact you are no real Muslim if you don’t know that quran states the you should kill all non-believers! Now we have semi-mullahs to tell us how our religion is to be practiced. Don’t be a fool and try to reason with them! How can you humbly state that 1,2 billion muslims don’t practice the quran word by word. There aren’t millions of “non-believers” killed due to their religion. The obvious fact that 99% of the 1,2 billion muslims live a quite peaceful and “normal” lives, does not go down well.

One wonders, and rightfully so. Who are the real extremists? How does two wrongs make a right? The name-calling and harassing of Marte Michelets is no pretty sight, and the ambassadors of freedom of speech, democracy and “good” human values should truly be ashamed of themselves. There is no difference in the narrow-minded, illogical extremist views of a mullah in Pakistan or a pseudo-mullah i Norway. It is as sad to see the hatred expressed in the 720 comments posted to Marte Michelets story as it is to hear Osama Bin Laden talking.


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  1. Moderation please
    Mar 18, 2008 @ 22:17:40

    You couldn’t possibly be a little less unbalanced, could you?

    Your argument is just as one-eyed as those of Marte Michelet. The muslims have a job to do in terms of accepting the fact that living in a western democracy implies accepting that freedom of speech is equal to all.

    The riots in Copenhagen after those drawings were published, whose fault was that? The Danish? Or the rioting muslims? Should we stay silent on the many defects of your religion or face the consequences?

    Bigotry exists among Europeans as well as among muslims. Both have a job to do. But if democracy isn’t quite the ticket for you, then honestly, why would you want to live in Norway in the first place? Speak all you will about respect, but show some respect back.


  2. shazia
    Mar 18, 2008 @ 22:29:53

    Well i truly believe that unbalance is what we see in the consensus developing amongst some native norwegians. It is quite symptomatic what you call “one-eyed” on my part, which you yourself are portraying.

    It is also “politically correct” now to tell all who disagree with the majority to “go back home”. I am sure that is not what freedom of speech and democracy and you stand for is it?

    No need to stay silent about anything, nor do you. However, it would be healty for all parties to stay sober when bashing a religion left, right and center.

    I respect my country(Norway) and it’s people, as my mother tought me so. But that does not mean I have given away my right to speek up about unfair and racist opinions.


  3. Moderation please
    Mar 18, 2008 @ 23:34:08

    How can it possibly be one-eyed to be saying that:

    “Bigotry exists among Europeans as well as among muslims. Both have a job to do.
    Speak all you will about respect, but show some respect back.”

    You (and the ridiculous Michelet), on the other hand, talk about Norwegians as a nation of foul-mouthed, racist bigots. Here’s a choice quote from yourself:

    “…and are we being witness to a new Nazi uprising and a new holocaust in the making?”

    Well I’m sorry for bursting your bubble, but I am anything but either a racist or a nazi (a preposterous and ignorant suggestion to throw at 99 per cent of the Norwegian population at any time).

    I consider myself to be centre-left, politically. But a lot of people (not just the narrow-minded, ignorant racists from indre Sogn) are tired of hearing, constantly, how we are to blame for the cultural clash between the West and the Muslim world, and how WE, and only WE, need to improve and show more tolerance. Everyone should face the simple fact that there are certain irrevertible differences between the Muslim and Western conceptions of the ideal society.

    Copenhagen is one example, the treatment (a massive amount of threats and actual violence) towards fantastic women such as Kadra Yusuf or Shabana Rehman – BY ORDINARY. ALBEIT MUSLIM, CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY – is another. What I hear and have always heard from the muslim community is how these extremists represent aberrations from the norm. But little or nothing is done to marginalise them. It’s all words without the action. And that does not instill any respect from my part. You don’t like seeing your religion being criticised? Get used to it – christianity gets ridiculed every day, why should Islam be exempt from the same treatment?

    I didn’t tell you to “go back home”, such rudeness is beneath me.

    I despise racism as much as yourself or the next man. But those incapable of accepting the norms and values of the Norwegian society (any society they have chosen to live in, for that matter) would be better off living in a country closer to their liking, rather than attacking people that hold beliefs differing from their own. All they do is contriving to increased conflicts, increased barriers, increased bigotry and increased division (and if you honestly think this constitutes racism, you really need to grow some thicker skin.)


  4. shazia
    Mar 19, 2008 @ 07:18:30

    I can understand that you feel the unfairness in the fact that someone like myself has had it up to here from foul-mouthed and racist of the norwegians. But I just can’t help that you choose to look at my worries as a attack against all of norwegians. But maybe you might get to understand how all muslims in Norway feel when our religion is discussed and crusified everyday. And we are unwillingely drown into this bashing.

    As I ask in my post originally, whatever have the muslims in general done to the norwegians. that they feel so strong about calling every muslim-defender a whore or “politically correct” or socialist?

    There are 80 000 muslims in Norway, how many of them are actually incapable of accpeting norms? I am just disgusted by the generalising which we are subject to every moment. For heavens sake, leave the 99% av muslims alone!

    The fact that you think that muslims don’t take irragularities and mischiefs of their own community seriously shows that you really dont know what you are talking about.

    It is sad to see that as stated in my post, also you are not willing to acknowledge the raising extremist views becoming more and more mainstream. Also it is quite interessting to see the statement time and again that one can’t critisez Islam. Well, THAT is what is done, EVERYDAY. What more do you call for, muslims not reacting? That you can not accpect, at least not in a free country as Norway is.


  5. Moderation please
    Mar 19, 2008 @ 08:28:47

    “Leave the 99 % of muslims alone”? Your figures lack any factual basis. And I see from your first para that you still seem to maintain some kind of notion that all Norwegians are the same, foul-mouthed racists. We are not. Trust me.

    I get the impression that any argument you hear from an etnic Norwegian is deemed to be racist. This is sad and not very constructive. But you might be interested in reading what one of your fellow muslims, Sarmad Safiq, writes in this refreshingly honest article “Det er deilig å være muslimsk…i Norge”. The gist of his article: No European countries treat their muslims better than Norway in terms of
    You can find it here:

    As I have tried (in vain) to tell you, twice, I do not condone any extremist views. The VAST majority of Norwegians don’t. Projecting the mean-spirited comments of a tiny minority as the mainstream opinion is a foul way of arguing. Marte Michelet and yourself both do this, to the obvious ends of quenching your opponents. That, coupled with the insatiable need to demand respect and tell the world how dreadfully the 4.5 million racist, etnic Norwegians collectively treat you serves as a rather efficient screen against introspectivally debating the problematic issues concerning your own religion. The Norwegian word is HERSKETEKNIKK.

    Extremist views exist on both sides. A recent poll conducted by the UK think tank Policy Exchange shows that 40 per cent of British muslims support the introduction of Sharia law. Although the UK is a far more racially divided society, I find little reason to doubt that similar views are far more widespread in this country than what you appear to claim.

    Recently, Senol Karagöz, leader of the Board for Immigrants in Drammen claimed that muslim women should not integrate themselves into the Norwegian society, stating:

    “Women that arrive in this country (Norway) are often infected by Norwegian culture, which emphasises equal rights, alcohol, whorish clothing and rights. These are dangerous things that conflict with traditional muslim values.”
    (Read it yourself, here:

    For yourself, a Norwegian girl raised in Norway, surely statements such as his (the likes of which we regularily hear from muslim leaders in Norway) must raise an eyebrow or two?

    The case of Kadra Yusuf goes a long way in showing your fictitious “99 % of all muslims” argument to be nonsense. Her exposé of the barbaric views and practices toward female circumcision among some of Oslo’s muslim leaders led to her being forced to move to a secret address. She has been beaten up for her views twice, and to this day lives with harassment and threats to her life.

    As a muslim woman yourself, surely her story is worth considering?

    Which demands do you believe CAN be reasonably asked of the Norwegian muslim community?

    Respect is not something you can demand. Respect is earned. And is most certainly is not earned by complaining, finger-pointing and moaning.


  6. wake up
    Mar 19, 2008 @ 19:53:38

    Moderation please,det er klart at du lukker dine øyne for fordømmelsen som har kommet fra innvandrere av disse sakene du nevner. Tror du virkelig ikke at vi blir flyforbanna når noen uttaler seg så idiotisk som Senol Kagøz eller at kadra blir banket opp. Sakene har blitt fordømt både Islamsk Råd og andre har gått ut og fordømt, ikke bare disse sakene men stort sett i alle slike saker.

    Det er tydelig at denne nyansen ikke kommer med. Du er opptatt av at shazia ikke skal ta alle under en kam. Har du noen gang tenkt hva stadig negativ fokus på muslimer gjør? Hvem er det som blir rammet her? Hvem er offer for denne massive motstanden og voksende hatet? Det er lett for en etnisk norsk å avfeie dette problemet, bagatallisere det, men tro meg det er ikke så enkelt å vær en nordmann med en annen etnisk bakgrunn, særlig hvis du er muslim.

    Du sier at respekt må fortjenes. Vel moderation please, flertallet gjør nettopp dette, men hva hjelper det om noen idioter driter seg ut og trekker dem med seg ned i dragsuget. Klage? Jamre? Fingerpointing som du kaller det, si meg har majoriteten enerett til det. Skal de det gjelder holde kjeft, være tilskuere og tåle alt fra øst og vest?


  7. shazia
    Mar 19, 2008 @ 20:01:11

    Nei, muslimer skal ikke ta til motmæle mot vite. Vi skal være takknemlige for å bo i vårt eget land (ja, vårt land). Get over it.

    Moderation please understreker mitt poeng.


  8. Moderation please
    Mar 19, 2008 @ 23:17:04

    Great, no more English…too bad for your international readership I suppose.

    Wake Up, uansett hvilken vei du vil vri og vrenge på det SER ikke folk flest at dere blir fly forbanna når muslimske ledere ter seg idiotisk. Det folk flest (bredt definert) ser, er at man krever å bli respektert, og man krever at nordmenn skal vise mer forståelse. En enveiskommunikasjon som fritar norske muslimer fra ansvar for eget image.

    Jeg nevnte heltinnene Kadra Yusuf og Shabana Rehman tidligere. Hvordan blir de ansett blant den gjengse muslim i Norge? Du vet svaret på det like godt som jeg gjør, og det forteller noe om innstillingen både til ytringsfrihet, kvinners rettigheter og en stor mangel på respekt ovenfor motstridende argumenter, kritikk og meningsmotstandere.

    Jeg fordømmer ikke muslimer på allment grunnlag – jeg har faktisk (klassikerargument:) en veldig god kompis som er muslim. Konflikten mellom vestlige og muslimske verdier går på vesentligheter innenfor den demokratiske tradisjonen – ytringsfrihet, pluralisme og kvinners rettigheter, for å nevne noen få.

    Klaging og jamring er det denne “Shazia”, som drifter denne bloggen, bruker mesteparten av spaltemetrene sine på. Sutring over hvor fælt muslimene i Norge behandles, og hvilke grusomme rasister etniske nordmenn i sin alminnelighet er. Syting fører bare en vei, Shazia, og det er ikke i retning av økt respekt for ditt livssyn.

    Islam i Norge har, kort fortalt, et imageproblem. Å skulle påstå, i fullt alvor, at dette imageproblemet virkelig er påført dere av de 4,5 millionene hvite nazistene som bor i Norge (som Shazia kanskje ville ha ordlagt seg) – ja da har dere en lang vei å gå. Og det selv om integreringspolitikken man har ført her til lands de siste 20 årene har vært mildest talt halvhjertet.

    For å punktere bloggeieren Shazias fravær av pondus: Jeg har ingenting imot et flerkulturelt samfunn. Blant mine nærmeste venner finner man hhv. en spanjol, to italienere, en marokkaner og en sørkoreaner. Det jeg misliker, er idioter. Folk som velger å bo i mitt hjemland uten å respektere normene som er hjørnesteinene i vårt samfunn, ser jeg ikke hvorfor jeg skulle ønske å ha her. Om de er svenske, nordtrønderske eller pakistanske.


  9. Goredom
    Mar 29, 2008 @ 23:08:09

    Moderation Please considers him(?)self to be centre-left, politically.
    Just goes to prove that it is the centre-left we should be very aware of in the overseeable future. It is from the centre-left the great vawe of brown-nosed followers of the people that protagonize muslim-suppression and persecution will come. As in Italy 1925-45 and Germany 1929-1945.

    When I read the words of Moderation Please, I hear nothing but the usual BS that you might find in every other debate contribution on nowadays. Such as: “oh, the politically correct people are trying to stop my freedom of speech” or the usual: “I’m not racist but …” – when people say such things I become alarmed: It’s the typicall centre-left proposition they use as an excuse for their generalization of the general group of muslims.

    The jew-hating germans of the thirties and forties did not regard themselfs as racists either. Still, they supported the persecutions, and the generalized view of the jews as criminals, paracites and extortionists of the poor, innocent and law-abiding german people. Sounds quite familiar, huh?

    The centre-left people are, curiously as it may seem, the same people that eventually joins movements on the extreme right, such as Fremskrittspartiet, Demokratene and the worse.

    I’m afraid nowadays, what will happen when the financial bubble explodes in everyones face in some near future when the unemployment rates mount to never-before-seen hights and the credits are stopped for the common man, who historically has reckoned themselfes as belonging to the centre-left fold. People such as Moderation Please will probably point to the muslims, I guess. Accompanied by the pointing finger will be words of hatred, branding you all as criminals, economic paracites that take their jobs and extortionists.


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  13. Herman Robak
    Apr 14, 2008 @ 02:45:33

    Noen skrev «Wake Up, uansett hvilken vei du vil vri og vrenge på det SER ikke folk flest at dere blir fly forbanna når muslimske ledere ter seg idiotisk. Det folk flest (bredt definert) ser, er at man krever å bli respektert, og man krever at nordmenn skal vise mer forståelse.»

    Men hvem er egentlig mest skyldig at det er slik? Det bildet som «folk flest» ser kommer neppe hovedsaklig fra personlige erfaringer. Til det er Norge for stort i forhold til omgangskretsen den jevne borger. Jeg vil peke en finger i retning media, som har opplag å tenke på. Konflikt selger. Skandale selger. Og skandalene vil rett som det er bekrefte våre fordommer. Da skal det gode medierådgivere og stort publikumstekke til for å begrense skadene og rette opp inntrykket igjen.

    Dernest kommer apologetene. Med venner som Marte Michelet, hva skal man med fiender? Bare ta siste dagers kontrovers om nasjonalflagg på 17. mai: Norsk innvandrerforum tar til orde for at barna skal gå med nasjonalflaggene til sine opprinnelsesland i barnetoget på grunnlovsdagen. Niks, sier 17. mai-kommitéen, og ut av tømmeret kommer den ene nedlatende lederskribenten etter den andre og begynner med dårlig innpakket hitling. Er det rart at enkelte innvandrerrepresentanter blir grepet av overmot når de får slik oppbakking?


  14. Sven
    Jun 10, 2008 @ 12:06:58

    By coincidence I have encountered your blog. Reading your political comments is like breathing fresh air to me. Please continue writing!



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