Living in Norway, a price to pay!




NOTE: Made 27. august 2011, original post made jan. 10th 2008. 

(I assume you want to learn more about living in Norway, and that is how you found my blog. Please visit , which is my magazine Blend, Norways largest multicultural webmag. Use google translator. It will give you an idea of how it is to live here from a diversity perspective). Thanks!


Show me desis living outside their native countries who have not experienced envied looks from people back home. And whom have not gotten thoroughly irritated when it has been implied that money apparently grows on trees outside Pakistan.  Further more, how extremely lucky we are living in Norway. Well we are lucky and cause of envy for some, but money certainly does not grow on trees over-here! For the life in safety, peace and prosperity we are extremely lucky and should feel utter gratitude. But there is a price to pay!

From time to time the media in Norway goes haywire over crimes committed by desis (or immigrant in general). Well they occasionally have good reason to. There are too many desi brothers involved in less proper things. Besides ruining their own lives they do a good job in making lives of innocent desis uncomfortable. With passing times the Norwegians are becoming more and more sceptical and even hostile towards non-ethnic Norwegians. The most common and frightening opinion is that there is no racism in Norway and that desis/immigrants just complain for nothing!

It is a well known fact that desis/immigrants have the highest rate of unemployment. Even higher education and university degrees do not help in some cases. Many immigrants are over-qualified and under-paid for their jobs. The evil circle is complete as low income leads to ghettos, low-class diseases, social and economical problems. These however are facts that ethnic-Norwegians in larger and larger extent do not consider anymore. The only thing they see is more and more “black” people in the city. Oslo specifically.

A new report shows that 48 of Oslo’s schools have a majority of non-ethnic children. The same day the news breaks there are several opinions in media on how to tackle the problem. Everything from the basic human-right violation of prohibiting people to live where they want to, to transport children to schools with less non-ethnics etc. The blame is solely given to immigrants who can not seem to live outside “ghettos” and who do not choose to live outside Oslo. Chat-sites and other forums are filled with Norwegians pissed of on the facts of the study, and who just have had it and want their country “back”.

Politicians and especially members of the Progress-party (Fremskrittspartiet) come with cheap and populist solutions to the problem that arises when the majority on a school is non-ethnic. There is no doubt about it, it is not an optimal situation as the Norwegian language suffers in schools where there are all kinds of different background represented.

How one would wish that instead of looking for short-term solutions, the authorities would realise the challenges our generation is facing. There should be made stronger efforts to break the basic evil circle!! First of all, employers should stop discriminating non-ethnics. It is a shown fact that this happens, but still many immigrants are accused of being lazy and corrupt. There have been a proposal of allocation of non-ethnics in governmental jobs, on the basis of merits. This proposal has been shredded to pieces as many politicians believe this is discriminating to the rest of the public! That non-ethnics should not get any advantageous due to their color. This is seeing things in a totally romantic and naive light. When immigrants are discriminated on the job-market, how can one actually tackle the problem?? Especially when many Norwegians feel there does not even exist racism?

And how can one expect desis to live outside “ghettos” when these are the areas they can afford to live in due to their poorly paid jobs or unemployment? How do one motivate desi children for higher studies when many with higher education drive cabs or the subway? How do one achieve a healthier spread of colored children in Oslo-schools when their parents can’t afford to live on the west-side of the city? Last but not least, why can’t people see value it is in having colored children in schools? That teaches children of colors to co-exist in a peaceful way, and they learn from early on that people come in all shapes, sizes and colors and culture. They learn how to handle that. That is something the Norwegian community can not brag about.

It is times like this that give your life some perspective. Yes we are lucky to live in such a beautiful county in safety, but we pay the price. The price of being considered different by some, the price of being an equity and not an asset for some. The knowledge of the fact that my children, third generation immigrants, will always be seen as different and maybe not have the same opportunities due their color. It is a heavy price to pay!


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  1. Ole Petter
    Jan 10, 2008 @ 15:00:06

    If you think the price is to heavy why don’t you move elsewhere? You ask some questions. I don’t really think you are looking for answers. These questions are merely arguments. But I will try to give you some answers. You ask how one can expect desis to live outside “ghettos” when these are the areas they can afford to live in. Well. Homes in these areas have actually had an increase in value like all other houses and apartments in Norway for the last 10-20 years. This increase enables people to move from Oslo to smaller towns in rural areas. You can get a house in Hamar for the same price as a 50 square metre flat in Oslo. So there is actually no excuse for not moving. Why should desi children need more motivation for attending higher education than others? Do you really think it is an option NOT to have an education? There are at times Norwegians driving taxi with higher degrees also. People don’t quit higher education because of this. You ask why people can’t see the value of having colored children in schools. Well. People do see the value when it is beneficial to society. But you simply cannot argue that desi children nor Norwegian children benefit from attending schools with 90 % desi children.


    • Michelle
      Dec 08, 2010 @ 07:28:05


      I don’t live in Norway but I have a question for Ole Peter. You said that ‘they’ have no excuse not to move to the rural areas. My questions is, why should they or rather, why must they move?


    • getreal
      Oct 21, 2011 @ 08:06:15

      If you went to Dubai which is run by Arab emarates and you demanded equality , your pathetic butt would be thrown out of the country so fast your head would spin.
      You should be barred and banned forever from holding any job other then disposable slave labor and you should be treated as you are treated in Dubai, exploited for labor and thrown out of Norway when you are no longer needed.
      Keep dreaming twit you will get your exit Norway walking papawers very soon. Go demand your country deal with you. Norway will ontinue to ignore you and throw you out as is expedient for them. YOUR A VISITOR GUEST- YOU HAVE NO SAY. GO TO DUBAI AND COMPLAIN..


    • whatever!
      Sep 07, 2012 @ 15:44:21

      Norway ROCKS!.the Kick-Ass dode Is Coming To Norway here i come Bitches!


  2. ihtys
    Jan 10, 2008 @ 16:10:34

    yes, it cost you all


  3. Lionheart
    Jan 10, 2008 @ 16:33:30

    When you say that norwegians are getting more and more sceptical towards immigrants, that is not totaly correct.
    Norwegians are not sceptical to all kinds of immigrants, but they are especially sceptically to immigrants from islamic countries outside of Europe. they also have goods reason for being so too.


    • Deshi
      Jan 24, 2010 @ 01:15:29

      What do you mean by islamic country? There are only two islamic countries in the world 1, saudi Arabia 2. Iran. Go and read about the world then try to write something in the blog. People are people everywhere we should only hate Christian and muslim talibans not innocent people. There are idiots religious fanatics everywhere and amazingly they are the racists. By the way I am from a seculer country called bangladesh. I hate religion and I am an athiest. No one killed me in home because I am a citizen of a civilized nation. Remember South-asia is not a land of any religion. Hope you understand what I meant.


      • Victorino
        Sep 24, 2010 @ 21:31:06

        That’s sad you say that. Because there are many islamic countries. What is Pakistan? Afghanistan? Yemen? Mauritania?

        I think you should really do a research before making those affirmations.


        Take care.

        Victorino Machava

  4. Martin
    Jan 10, 2008 @ 18:53:48


    We totaly agree on that the implementation of new-norwegians get be better. But then you cant say that if there is not new-norwegian, one that don´t want to be intergrated in the norwegian can´t be called a new norwegian, you must call that person something else, I don´t know what, maybe gest or camper. That person will never be respected and seen as a part of the norwegian sosiety, and howe could that happen when the person only wants the benefits from others whitout giving anything back. But the ones that want to learn the language (you get free courses), want a jobb (you might have to start at the “bottom” like every ethnical norwegian once must), want norwegian friend from all religians, want to contribiute by tax and other things like being a socker-instructor for the kids, set common rules for theire children at school on the parent meetings, selebrate theire new countrys independent day (it is now your country too) and mutch more, you should be welcome! You should be more welcome than you are today, but on the other side not every non-ethnic norwegian is interested in that..

    If a group of people have a bigger percentage of bad people (*non-trustebal, criminal etc.) It is just human to watch out for that group. It has been done since mankind, it is ecential for oure survivor, we can´t think about every thing we do during a day, itś impossibel. All human beeings generalize! So lets say a group of people: Men with tatoos, biker-group-members or pakistanians are 10 % more likely to be a bad person*, then that is werry high and people will generalize for theire own good. (That is not uniq for norway)

    I hope you see my point and are a member of the group that want to take part in norwegian sosiety, like i´ve explanied, then you are a norwegian and I want you all the best! If you are here to live like home in your old country, don´t want norwegian friends and don´t have a jobb whitout applying every singel day for a new one(hindus in norway have a bigger embloyment rate than ethnic norwegians so the collor should be a minor problem), then, please go back, you don´t want to be here, we don´t want to speak to and give money to a wall!

    (You see it´s not about collor, thatś a lame exuce from collored people in the country, werry lame. Itś aboute trust and love. If you don´t give it, you don´t get it. That is the same for all people. Too bad some are making it worse for everybody, cliché)

    Again, if you live in norway and call yourself a norwegian you are a norwegian and I want you all the best! (That is not raisism!)


    • Tony Laminchia
      Sep 26, 2012 @ 21:13:54

      Dear Martin you sound too Norwegian… quite simplistic, protestant, conservative way of thinking… naive and arrogant at the same time…


  5. shazia
    Jan 10, 2008 @ 19:23:43

    Ole Petter,

    This is quite a controversial argument as well. You telling me to move out of Oslo because you wish me to. It is my basic humanright to live whereever I please to.

    Way don’t we just make camps then, keep the non-ethnics caged and supervised. The problem will be less visible then for short-minded people like yourself.

    Why desi kids need more motivation, well maybe because they are the ones usually discriminated?? Or maybe you might know a MBA or a norwegian doctor driving a cab full time?? That one is quite lame u see!

    Oh but everybody in Norway has basic education, but how would you feel if you had an MBA and no one wanted to give you a job. You wouldn’t know how that feels, you have not been discriminated for the sole reason that your name sounds different.

    By all means, many desis are making it wonderfully on their own, but those who dont cant just be ignored. That is not a Norway I want.

    There are a couple of schools with an above 90% ratio. It is not a healthy situation, as I also pointed out in my original post. The way to tackle it is as I mention, a change in the mindset of all norwegians, ethnic and others.


  6. shazia
    Jan 10, 2008 @ 19:25:55

    Lionheart, I partly agree with you on that one. The question is how one tackles the problem. And it certanily isn’t by ignoring the racism aspect of it and hiding the colored community

    We must learn how to co-exist peacfully!


    • Amiin
      Sep 08, 2009 @ 18:04:41

      Thanks for the info, I’m a Belgian who just moved here (for one year, thank god), my parents are both desis. I was surprised to see that there are many desis here, at first I was glad of that, but quickly noticed that the ones I saw were only cleaning floors, etc, that really is a shame. I do research at the UIO, and even the few times I went there, I didn’t see many desis. To compare with Brussels, there aren’t many desis there (that’s why I was happy to see many here), but at the university, they are noticeably present. To go further, the race that’s badly seen in Belgium is the arabic; there are reasons for that, I have to admit that, and even the morocans i know make fun out of it (but most Belgians agree that the arabic girls are fit lol). The racism there to them is quite basic in comparison to what I saw here (insults that could come from 5 years old child, not giving access to nightclub, etc); there are still many arabs in all positions : sellers, gym coaches, bus drivers, banks, security, etc (true though that it’s no high level position). I couldn’t imagine a city where all people of one ethnicity are considered only good for washing floors and do these kind of stuffs. I haven’t seen for instance any seller at one of these Kiwi and other ridiculously named stores (not to mention the prices and the poor variety of choices in products).
      To finish this first impression (i’ve been here for one week only), I wanted to mention how i realized that being a desi isn’t that good here. I live in the posh part of Oslo, near the Frognerpark. Obviously I’m the only desi here lol, and once when I got into my building, an old women and her daughter or somethin living there took the lift with me. I pushed on the 6th button, they lived on higher floors, the mom didn’t let her daughter push on the button. They got out of the lift with me at the 6th, and then took the stairs. They checked if I could open my door from the corner of the eys. Jeez what kind of retarded do I live with here…


  7. shazia
    Jan 10, 2008 @ 19:28:15

    Martin, I echo that. Give love to get love. That goes both ways darling!

    Majority of desis respect their fellow norwegians and viceaversa.

    It is sad that the negative elements totally overshadow the respectable desi majority!

    This is where we need respect and understanding!


  8. Jorunn
    Jan 21, 2008 @ 14:40:53

    Very interesting topic! I am now an immigrant myself, where I look different and have a different religion, but I don’t have any problems, probably due to this also being a European country after all. I totally understand that people who change their entire lives and move far away feel the need to seek the security in something familiar, so would I have done if there were other Norwegians here.

    What one should have in mind though is that higher education in Norway does not necessarily leed to higher salaries, and the issue of salaries is therefore not necessarily an argument in any discussion. I am a white, blond 100% Norwegian, with tons of education and experience and very good papers, and I have applied for over 100 jobs and been called to one interview. So the discrimination does not only go for our new citizens, it is also against women at a certain age (child- bearing), women loose against men etc. This is also proved in statistics.

    I have some young people of colour that I have been guiding through the Norwegian society, and I have told them to keep faith in the good, in themselves and their own abilities. And to be aware that they will always have to behave better, perform better and work harder, since the Norwegian society will not let them off easy. This is a sad truth, and I am always upset after having held this lecture. But one day, one day they will prove the sceptisists wrong…


  9. Lush-licious Bhabi
    Feb 29, 2008 @ 03:46:36

    This is certainly a difficult topic to address. I myself live in the Northeast and between Boston and New York, the number of desis that I see with low income jobs is so disappointing because of the expectation of gradeur of the AMERICAN DREAM. Many like you stated are unemployed and depend on the American welfare system to help them EVEN THOUGH they may be more educated and more qualified than the jobs that they are able to get in the US.

    What I find most disappointing are the children of these immigrants that are having difficulty assimilating to the American society they are surround by and balancing it with the traditional upbringing within their parents’ homes. Not only is there an identity crisis, there is also confusion and frustration.

    I don’t know what to say because my family has raised me in a very diversified and open-minded home where I had freedoms most child of immigrants do not. My parents understood that even though I wasn’t being raised in their country, I always had the opprutunity to learn about it and I gained respect and a beuatiful understanding of the culture that they were raised in.

    Well- written entry. I look forward to reading more!


    Lush Bhabi


  10. Osia Opiyo
    Jun 22, 2008 @ 18:00:12

    I want to contriubute on the issue of education and jobs.

    First and foremost, I am pretty sure there are immigrants doing good jobs in Norway. This can be in Oslo or elsewhere in Norway but the fact remains that there exist.

    What many people keep confusing is the issue of Racism and quality in terms of education.

    I am an immigrant but i call upon my fellow immigrants to be honest at least on this; You don´t expect to come to Norway and get a job of your choice without the Question of your qualifications accompanied by positive demonstrations that you are capable for that Job. If we are prepared to work academically, we´ll get a job regardless of our skin color. Racism cannot overcome your Quality.

    This is my problem with Not only the Norwegians but the Europeans in general. Generalization and blind Prejudice on foreigners is a big problem. Don´t get me wrong, i don´t mean to say that every immigrant is innocent but it is disturbing to see how blacks are being treated in any UK port of entry.If any of you would try going to england, you´d actually appreciate and stop tagging all norwegians with a certain terminology.

    People can always protest. If we protest about jobs in Oslo for example, watch it well for Norwegians will be with you in the protest. Infact, even even if we protest racism, I am there would be a white man amidst our protest. The Idea is to stop generalizing and keep focussed on our goals.

    Otherwise We are all equal whether you are black, yellow, pink or whatsover.


  11. Moni
    Jan 18, 2009 @ 04:32:00

    Hi guys, this is for the immigrant in Norway not born Norwegians. First, I am an immigrant too and live in United States for 23 years and married to a Norwegian. We also have the good and bad immigrants in US,the ones who wants to reproduce children and leave on the govermment and have the taxpayers to pay for their mistakes and get a fullride of medicaid as free welfare and free education and free on everything, the point is what freak me out is that you are right you have the chance to live wherever you live with the condition to respect the country you live in and know their culture and contribute your taxes to the govermment, we have an expression in US and is there is no free lunch, there are millions of people in US who doesn’t work and complain about color and have 5 or 6 kids and expect the poor taxpayers to pay for their package, here or in any part of the world you have to be responsible for your actions, not thru religion, i am catholica but i got the pants straight as a woman to have a tubal ligation after the second one paying my money almost deducted 250 dollars monthly from my paycheck so i can have the healthcare. If you want free home, free school, free retirement and tones of kids and blame the society plus the country has to put up with your nonsense go back home, let’s see if your country can take you back and what you can live on. i do have 2 nationalities and lived in Europe for years, let’s face it all pakistanies, africans and Indians want to procreate and blame the country for your actions, i am southamerican but also american and my kids have 3 nationalities norwegian by dad 100% white and blue eyes and a working hard woman who despite of being latin work her ass since i came to US and not complain. The fact of life is be enough men, and work your bud as we do until you drop death in US. There is nothing green in the other side. Yes i can move to Norway but thanks to my dedication and work hard and get education at the university level, i am competent, speak and studied 3 different languages. It is the respect i get as a human being to be an achiever not a loser. Love Norway, being there 5 times and one door close the other one opens, concious to ourselves not to the country, stop with the color thing, what do you want the norwegian govermment to pay the cost monthly forever to you and your whole family in Norway??? there is not such a thing in US. Security is tied and the rule is you work, you contribute until you drop death. I have co-worker who works for a private company and she is 65 and almost blind with a major surgery, she was out of work for 3 weeks without pay, and she needs income to pay her apartment, that’s the way it is for people and decent who works as many million of white americans who run their lifes in their own luck, like her, myself doesn’t qualify for no free lunch, free health care, free apartment, nothing maybe paying your own healthcare and deduct biweekly to get coverage, you stop working you are in your own luck or in the streets or in the welfare apartments where we might end it up in a ghetto. Think my friend what do you think life is about. Be greatful a nation who received you and here i respect this nation because i work my ass off as i still do it, regardless that i can opt and move and get my kids live in beautiful Norway with all benefits and i know i will be competent, because here or in US you are who you are, get education, be an achiever, and yet be innovative, i do understand culture and religion doesn’t have nothing to do it with it and at workplace you don’t practice it, you do at your own home because it is not acceptable to do in any place in US. If not it won’t be considered free nation, to a degree to respect the country!!!! cheers my friend and stop with your racism, there are millions of those who take advantage of the situation even latinos in Chicago or those one who wants to live on the welfare, but that shit doesn’t work any more. Sorry about my french but it is time to understand, and look into theirselves and concious to your own before you start with racism. In reference to Norwegians, my husband came to this country and work his bud on time, and pick up quickly because there is not a say to wait or listen to me or complain, american companies are like this you don’t produce they fire you, let’s see if you can get unemployment as a crying baby, you will end up on the street. That’s the way it is stop being a baby or get back to your country!!!!!


    • Mirx
      May 05, 2009 @ 10:19:02

      1.- You are not a Southamerican.
      2.- You are a racist, so stop giving lectures to others.
      3.- This isn’t a site to parade your life around.


    • Prashant
      May 21, 2010 @ 13:00:16

      yes I accept that there is tendency of racism in any country in one form or other.
      I’m indian and it seems that you have clubbed Indians as trouble creaters/procreaters in western world like Pakis/middle-east people.India is plural society and with multi racial society,I bet you haven’t seen in whole life.Tell me one instances, where indian are violating law n order and agressive in behavior esp. in religion.
      In US,Companies would like to hire Indians in their companies.Why IT companies in California are owned by Indian-Americans? In India, there are several US companies put up branch inspite of US Govt. regulations to put up heavy taxes on outsourcing.


    • Michelle
      Dec 08, 2010 @ 08:22:24

      Hello Moni,

      First, when you write, it comes off like you are trying to defend Norway; as you should if you love the country so much. The only thing I take issue with is you claiming that “all Pakistanis, Africans and Indians want to procreate and blame the country for your actions”. I think that’s an extremely shallow and ignorant thing for an educated woman like yourself to say. I am an educated African woman who speaks 5 languages and contrary to what you think, my ambition is not to procreate. Granted there are some who may take advantage in the manner that you have mentioned, but it is wrong to generalise and group us all together.

      I think whatever arguments or opinions put forward should at the very least come from some proven facts or information source. Personal experience is great, but we are all different, we can’t act like our experiences will be similar all the time.

      Is there racism in Europe? Yes there is, in America? probably, in the rest of the world? I’m pretty sure you’ll find it there too in one form or the other. We should try and accept each other for who we are and not force our cultures on each other.

      I think that if you move to a country where they speak a different language and have a different culture than yourself, for your own survival, you have to learn that language, know the culture but not abandon your own culture. Respect their laws unless of course their laws are questioning your rights as a human being and reducing you to anything less than that.


  12. Sam
    Apr 13, 2009 @ 01:33:20

    Moni, 23 years in US and this is your spelling and grammar, no wonder you’ve been conditioned so well to accept your masters. And it seems you conveniently forgot to mention Jamaicans, Philippines, Latinos and so on in your statement “let’s face it all Pakistanis, Africans and Indians want to procreate and blame the country for your actions” or maybe you are a Mulatto who is ashamed of her black heritage, I detect a sense of inferiority complex in you by the way you describe your husband as 100% white with blue eyes, would you be proud of him if he was oriental, Asian or mestizo? And remember if your kids were born in US? They are americans and if in norway? then they are norwegian, if you don’t believe me ask norwegian official,they only can have one citizenship and hold only one passport.


  13. Suleman
    Oct 07, 2009 @ 00:04:28

    I just accidently came across this page while researching racism in Norway. I am new to Norway, but I am not an immigrant. At least not yet. I am only a student. Outside of Norway, we don’t get to hear much about racism in Norway. Not at all, I never had heard about it. So when I came to Oslo, sat in the classes, I felt a sense of arrogance around me. My impressions of a society so humble, down-to-earth and proponents of equality and non-discrimination among humans,were soon fading away. It was just so easy to be totally ignored by your teachers, and it did not happen in one class, it happened in most of it. I come from a background, good deal of immigrants in Norway are from, especially in Oslo, so they already had their stero-types firmly rooted in their minds. It is only after 4 weeks, when you lead discussions in class, and show extra-ordinarily that you are extra-ordinary from the lot, you get half the attention you deserve. Shocking. Very shocking for me.

    I had friends … Norwegian friends (I won’t call them immigrants or Pakistani-Norsk, since I disagree with the term altogether. How many more generations a society needs to let the immigrants be as equal as the other citizens of the society. The next generation wasn’t immigrant, it was their parents who immigrated, not the poor kids who were born actually born there. With the coming of the 3rd generation, would you still be immigrant, when would you cease being an Immigrant, but that’s besides the point) used to inspire me so much about the good country Norway is, and what a piece of shit, uncivilized and rude Saudi Arabia is. And I used to listen to all that in awe… , and yes a certain degree of envy as well, and wished to study at a place so justice, to learn the best of justice, and bring back home the mannerisms and etiquette of the civilized world. My learning continues to happen, not exactly what I would have intended, but learning nonetheless.

    Now this is not to say that all Norwegians are alike. They aren’t. You can still find remnants of just and humble society, it once predominantly were, which appreciates and encourages your talents, likes you for who you are, and feels for you in trying times.

    But still Norwegian people, as with any other nation, are normal people, so very common to the extent to have same humanly qualities of insecurities, self-interest, sense of superiority, emotions of jealousy. There’s nothing special about them.


  14. Keltisk
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 06:11:51

    A very good articule.

    I could relate to pretty much everything that was said in this articule and im not even dark skinned. Im Scottish and moved to Norway to be with my child after her Norwegian mother totally messed up. (long story). But anyways ..

    Just being foreign is viewed with the upmost suspicion in Norway , and its not difficult to see why with all the negative coverage in the foreigner-obsessed media.

    Its easy for norwegians to pretend it isnt the case , but you arent on the receiving end of it so you can continue in your world of ignorance. I wasnt entitled to anything in Norway , not even free norwegian classes. I was required to pay tax , but got absolutely no benefit for it , I had to pay just to go to legevakt which wasnt easy as I was struggling to get work.

    I was told by NAV when I arrived to jobsearch , not to go there , to go out and get a job and not bother them .

    With regards to my daughter , any issues on getting to see my kid , I had written to many organisations that are supposed to be dealing with this and got no reply. ( I suspect since I wasnt writing in Norwegian).

    When I contacted these organisations by phone or in person I was constantly fobbed off.

    I couldnt even get a cleaning job because they were advertising for “Native Norwegian speakers only” (why you need to speak norwegian to use a mop Il never know.)

    Eventually after 19 months , with a few more lines on my face and a good few stone lighter from malnutrition and lack of regular food I moved back to Scotland.

    And the best of it is…. A norwegian friend followed me and moved here , was offered free healthcare , free education , an out of work benefit money , free rent , free language classes and weekley jobsearch. He has encountered nothing but positive attitudes from people here who go out of thier way to make him feel welcome at every turn. Hes been employed for a while now and has been here for over a year.

    Not a jot of discrimination there.

    So I beg the question, why should other countries show hospitality and aid towards norwegians , when norwegians wont repay the favour for them in thier country?

    P.S – Im sure there is some norwegian folk who will read my experience and feel great pride that thier hating ways are achieving thier goals. But If you feel that cynical about life , then I really dont envy you.

    Cheers x


  15. dude
    Sep 17, 2010 @ 23:48:21

    cut off all that crap, i am wondering how to pull norwegian girls? they are all so fucking insecure!


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  17. PrikoLain
    Feb 04, 2011 @ 21:44:29

    I recently moved to Norway and I work in an office in Oslo where I am the only (and first) non-Norwegian. Unfortunately most of my colleagues are not ok with that. For instance two of them every single time they meet me they start talking about the poor/corrupt/stupid east Europeans that ‘invaded’ Oslo…I am also east European so that hits some nerve. The rest of them are usually just passive-aggressive. As long I keep my head low they are ok, however I found out that on several occasions they actually sabotaged my job. Reports were lost, documents were not delivered etc and all these only for me. Once I tried to raise the issue to our manager but in a typical Norwegian fashion he presented he could not understand me…oh Norway…
    My advice: if you have to stay in Norway learn how to be a non person. Keep a (very) low profile and be prepared to work three to four times more than the average Norwegian for the same (or even lower) money. Good luck to all…


  18. Anna
    Feb 16, 2011 @ 13:46:14

    I have to agree with the last somment. I to moved to Norway 3.5 years and heard all the usual, Norway is so great, Norway is the best country in the world to live in, the standard romantisised version everyone hears. After almost 3 years of intenseive job serching and hundreds of apllications later, i landed myself 1 interview,which was not relevant to my education (jobs Norwegians wouldn’t take). I can damit that my field of work is maybe a little more restricted (criminal justice)but, I personally saw Norwegians who didn’t have and formal education, receiving jobs i had applied for. I spent thousands of kroners learning the language fluently and getting a norwegian degree, but got nothing back for it.

    I had heard of cases of discrimination in Norway continuously, but never thought anything of it untill i started to see a pattern, all my norwegian friends getting a job and me still anxiously hanging on to hope. I lived in Bergen, i became deeply depressed and left Norway, (with my Norwegian husband) looking 10 years older.

    Disicrimination can be in-direct making it harder to evaluate, this does not mean it doesn’t exist. In Norway, networks are of a huge advantage when seeking employment, this in turn makes it harder for immigrants to be trusted in the job market; making it predominantly Norwegian dominated. Employers also use the exscuse of a “language barier”, for not employing foreigners, who clearly speak Norwegian fluently, but with an accent. One can also find examles online, where having a Norwegain name can also play an important role in seeking for employement.

    The politicians in Norway continually preach about how much, highly educated educated immigrants are an asset to their society. Are we an asset because we are the only ones who will, clean your toilets, drive your taxis and serve you food?

    I propose that, before government and society start inviting highly educated people here to work,they should follow policy and law and make society equal for ALL, not just Norwegians.

    I’m happy and healthier than ever after leaving Norway, but i’m sad for my friends and the rest of the immigrant society who havn’t got the flexibility to move. My word to them, keep fighting for your rights and think of the words from Nelson Mandela!

    “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others”


    • Gustavo
      May 30, 2011 @ 22:06:43

      Hi Anna,

      Although i have never been to Norway (and am not planning either), i made a lot of research into this so called “better ” place to live and i found cases similar to yours. The problem is not the country itself, but its inhabitants according to all persons who lived or were living in that country. I remember having read that Norwegians do sabotage your work and do everything they can to destroy, they are very envious, rude, stupid and arrogant. Even Icelandic acquaintances said bad things about Norwegians. I will avoid this country and its inhabitants as the devil.
      I’m a Brazilian with a decent IT helpdesk job in Poland.Norwegians are trying to conquer the Brazilian oil market, i don’t appreciate this, we should impose the same difficulties they impose on foreigners trying to do business in Norway. an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Enough of those idiot Arrogant Norwegians who think they’re best.(only in their minds of course).


  19. Linda
    Feb 16, 2011 @ 14:03:39

    Moni: Which University did you go to? They obviously didn’t teach you the importance of grammar and punctuation. I usually wouldn’t comment on such things because i myself am not perfect, but when you talk about hard work and being well-educated, i start to wonder when i see your writing. Re-evaluate your writing skills before gloating how educated you are, it really is quite embarrassing.


  20. Arrowtown2011
    May 24, 2011 @ 05:03:47

    I think that Norway with a population of about 4.9 million whites should deport that Mulla and all non whites from Norway,deport them back to their homeland.Stop spending their precious oil money on ungrateful Muslim refugees and asylum seekers.These immigrant Muslims will not assimilate into Norwegian society.All they do is live off the dole and most like to be redundant because they can’t get that dream job.Norway should stop helping destitute peasants and asylum seekers from places like Sri-Lanka and Somalians.There have been gang rapes on white Norwegian women and girls by black Somalian men,some of these gang rapes have been brutal.This is what happens when a white nation lets in destitute Muslim men.They show no respect to host nation’s women.Sweden and Finland are other examples of genorous white nations that go out of their way to help destitute Muslims,blacks and browns.Instead of bring them in as refugees and asylum seekers,keep them in their homelands and send in some volunteers to help these peasants help them selfs.Remember that old fish story?If you give a man a fish he will come back for more,if you teach him to fish he will become independent.If this stratergey does not work then leave them alone.Norway is a “small fish”in a big pond.To small of a country to be helping out the third world.Worry about your self Norway.The third world never did like you,they just want your freebies.


  21. viking
    Jul 07, 2011 @ 21:32:38

    stop hating and love each other.may peace be with u to all the haters and lovers.


  22. maribeth
    Jul 11, 2011 @ 21:25:17

    ja it is true… there is really racism in Norway… u can feel it at work… and everywhere…
    those who have darker skin, darker hair, will do the dirty job the heavy work in the work place even u have the same salary and same position… go to hell racist people… bullshit


  23. Robert
    Aug 02, 2011 @ 10:00:40

    I lived in both Norway and Sweden during the 1970s and returned to both of these nations in the ’90s and 2000s. I have yet to define these countries as “multicultural.” The many experiences that other foreigners out here have written about were the same that I experienced as a non-white American living in Scandinavia. The only exception is that both these countries, but especially Norway, had very few non-whites living in their countries back in the ’70s. I never experienced so much racism and stereotyping in the U.S. as I had in Sweden and Norway, not even Scandinavian-American Minnesota can compare. Too many MYTHS are applied to these nations: they are not the utopia that they are propped-up to be.

    Sweden and Norway are irreligious nations with high suicide rates, low birth rates, severe alcoholism, and they are the last nations of Europe to Chrisitanize, still holding on to pagan beliefs and immoral behaviours. They have long been dark, dreary, remote and sequestered nations from the rest of Europe. Their many social problems have been entrenched upon their societies long before Muslims came into the mix. Some are still having to adjust to Catholics being in their countries, so how on earth are they ever going to accept other non-Evangelical Lutherans? Over the years, these very homogeneous socialist nations have been highly critical of the multicultural and capitalist United States, shielding their many social problems with exaggerated and phony statistics–many from the UN and other organizations– that portray them to be above the rest of the world, I call it the “uber alles syndrome,” the same syndrome that Nazi Germans fooled themselves into believing. They may be able to fool others who never spent an adequate amount of time in their nations, but they haven’t fooled me.


  24. Surgeon
    Aug 27, 2011 @ 16:35:19

    I want to thank everybody who has commented to the post and the blogger herself as it has helped me conclude a very important decision of my life.

    I am a Cardio-thoracic surgeon by profession and soon to be married to a Norwegian (whom now I can categorize as 3rd generation immigrant, also a doctor but I think that doesn’t count ). After my marriage I would have been shifting to Norway and the Job which I have as an offer is supposed to be very prestigious and high paying ( I would be teaching my surgical skills to 10 Norwegians every year ). But after reading the above mentioned comments I had to rethink the whole proposal, I do not want to live and bring up my children in a Racist country, I do not want my children to grow up and hate people because of their skin colour ( because that is what Norwegian society and the school system would be teaching them ). Secondly as mentioned above Norway being a very “Rich” nation can afford to get surgeons from other white countries( that is if they want to live there), and can afford to send their Doctors to learn advance surgical skills from other educationally advanced countries…

    I prefer to teach my skills irrespective of the skin colour but Sory Iam prejudiced against the shit in their brains. I have loved working in US and I think US along with Canada followed by Australia are the most Tolerant countries , regarding South East Asian countries… they are too hospitable and too welcoming to us.


  25. shazia
    Aug 27, 2011 @ 20:23:14

    Dear all,

    Thanks a lot for all your comments. When I wrote this I never thought it would be read all across the world.

    I have read all your thoughts regularly. But what prompted me to write a reply was your post “Surgeon”.

    Yes, Norway has its share of challenges. Diversity being one of them. But I love Norway. As this is my home. I am saddened to know that you would reject a proposal because of this post.

    Being born and raised here, and being a journalist it is my duty to pinpoint issues and shortcoming. But that doesn’t mean Norway is that bad.

    Please visit my magazine:
    Norways largest multicultural webmag. Use google translator… it will give you a picture of what norway is like from diversity point of view.


  26. dan
    Oct 12, 2011 @ 10:56:05

    I think you have to take into consideration their perspective. They have spent years creating a country for themselves, and attempted to be as egalitarian as possible to their own citizens to make it a better place. It IS a better place than your home country, or else you wouldn’t have moved there.

    You surely must see that their point of view is, they MUST be welcoming to outsiders, because it is part of their society, but also, accepting outsiders means that people from countries who have not worked so hard to make it great for all of their citizens are rushing in…surely you can see that they want to maintain their own way of life?

    People don’t mean to be racist, but the skin colour is an easy identifier of an “outsider”.


  27. Shyam
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 10:51:12

    Dear Shazia,

    Thanks for this post, myself am looking towards Norway for my future prospects.
    I am totally delighted the kind of experience people have shared here.

    The picture that has been shown in all the post are very grim. The world is moving towards a unified world, where in you need to be move forward with diverse community Hand in Hand. If this is a kind of culture that is being nurtured, then the generation to follow will be highly per-occupied with Hatred, and hatred causes damage in what ever sense.

    Racism is a habit that comes from a feeling of thinking others to be inferior.
    I have till date believed in only one religion, i.e. Humanity. We all belong to this religion. As said in India, you can find Ram in every Ramadan and you can find Ali in every Diwali.



  28. david akinremi
    Apr 24, 2012 @ 17:19:49

    Thank you so much Shazia for enlightening the world. Am a Nigerian by nationality hoping to have my graduate studies in Norway, having just about to graduate from my undergradute program. I felt i could come and learn another culture and another life that i am not used to.I was fascinated (i have to be honest) about the beauty of Norway (the fjords, the mountains, even Svalgard, the land of the mid-night sun). Now i have to admit that i would be shattered as a human being if i am being subjected to the level of degradation that i have read about Norwegians in respect to immigrants. I intended to study Petroleum Engineering at the NTNU since Norway has an immense amount of oil and natural gas, probably getting a job there and making there a home . But i tink it is ridiculous that the people whom God blessed that much has turned themselves to some sorts of over-pompous matyrs and degrade another race. Also, i do not think that all desis, (as you call them), constitutes nuisance as i have been made to believe; if Norway ha sa good immigration system,as they do! and check the profiles of foreigners entering the country, why then should say immigrants are destitutes, if not that the system subjected them to being one. This is very unfortunate; even though i know there is need for you to protect your country from bad foreign bodies. Racism is terrible. Norwegians should change their stance and should learn to love!. Love is beautiful!


  29. paullakieti
    Nov 25, 2012 @ 17:25:35

    Hi all,
    thank you for all those those who shared their stories. I have been living here for now 3 years. I think i have seen and heard enough compared to my many years in my native country. I wll be honest to say that i have had some good and bad experiences too here. But all in all, i have learnt to ignore the bad experiences and more on. Time is precious and it’s better to be strong headed and humble than to be strong headed with pride. We are all human and none is without fault. For those who are in Norway, are here for different reasons . It’s sad to hear this , but it is what it is.


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