When Shazia discovered ABBA!

This happens rarely. Me having time off, from my adorable children, home, job and other must-dos. For the first time in my busy but not so adventures life I got to travel abroad on my own. Well not entirely on my own, my super girlfriend came along. This was a true crazy-girlfriends-on-vacation adventure.

We didn’t go that far, nor did we venture into tracks less beaten. We leave it for our next trip, tracking and climbing mountains.

Our trip went to London, and not just any time off the year. No sir, if I was to go on a trip by myself I was gonna spend my money the fast and the furious way. We arrived London on boxing day, which means the boxing day sales! Sure we have our “rom-juls-salg” and “januar-salg” in Norway, but there are no comparisons here. I have not used this much money on clothes and myself as I did in one evening on Oxford street on the 27. of December! And I might as well confess it outright: I LOVED IT!! Though I was almost killed in the near-stampede experience, and the underground wasn’t that fun I LOVED London-shopping 🙂

Well, must not go overboard with my shopaholic mind! The thing that was even more fun then the shopping on sale, was “Mamma Mia”. I am not heavily into musicals, operas and theater. But my wonderful friend gifted me a ticked to the bizarrely successful “Mamma Mia”. A musical based on the music by the legendary ABBA.

I must be very young when ABBA broke up, because I don’t have any clear memories of ABBA songs. Nor have I ever interested me for the music or the ABBA, Elvis Priestly era. I went into the West End theater this evening with my friend with no expectations, rather slightly sceptical. Give me any bollywood kitsch, escapist cinema any day. But musical?


From the curtain went up and the last note of last song was played I was hooked. I totally loved the musical, but even more…. I discoveredABBA!!! I cant believe I never bothered to listen to “Waterloo”, “money money, money”, “mamma mia” and so on. The music is incredible! And on the last two songs I was on the end of my seat on the verge of just throwing all my inhibitions overboard and dancing som true blue bhangra! A pity that everyone though vigorously clapping and cheering, stay put in their seats. The musical deserved some solid bhangra dancing and “siti’s”. The musical “Mamma mia” has a wonderfully funny story about a young girls quest to find out who her father is, by inviting the three possible ones on her wedding. The mother of the girl and her two friends totally steal the show with their comic timing and great singing. Strange that bollywood hasn’t copied the musical yet!

Well, from now on I am a die hard ABBA fan who loves to do the housework with ABBA playing in the background. And some fantasies running in mind about what to buy on London sales next year 🙂


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  1. Tasmaniac
    Jan 10, 2008 @ 19:51:11

    Hi Shazia
    I was a teenager in the 70’s & although it wasn’t cool for boys to be ABBA fans, I absolutely loved their music & still do. Their music had such a wide range of listeners. Glad to hear you discovered them. Keep on enjoying their music.
    Regards from Tasmania
    Tony M 🙂


  2. Becky
    May 23, 2008 @ 13:05:48

    hello~ i’m glad you discovered ABBA! i really wish i can see the musical MAMMA MIA! (i’m a musical fan XD) also a fan of ABBA~ i love their songs (even tho i was not even born when they had spilt up….i’m a 90s child XD) i discovered ABBA possibly during my primary school yrs~ and when i played in the school band..we played the ABBA medley..and i also performed with the choir singing ABBA’s “Thank you for the music” ^_^~ I still play their music (both the CDs and playing the songs on the piano XD) and sing along~ I think the music is INCREDIBLE! i even sat down for around 2 hrs just to watch a special ABBA “super trouper” ‘show’ which was on TV~ it talked about ABBA through the years~

    Hope you continue to enjoy ABBA’s music~


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