Justice has been served, honorkiller sectenced for 21 years in jail!

Nafisa khanI have been upset regarding the low punishment terms in Norway. Also a nationally famous attorney’s opinions on honor-killings has shaken me these past weeks. There has been a lot of stories which have heavied my heart.

Today however, I am content as I feel that justice has been served when the Norwegian court sentenced a Norwegian-Pakistani 33 years old man Shahzad Khan. He has been given the longest jail-time there is in Norwegian judiciary. He killed his three (!!) younger sisters! Sobia Khan (27), Nafisa Shaheen Khan (13) and Saadia Khan (24). There crime? He apparently felt they were getting out of hand.

Saadia Khan, victim of norwegian honorkillingThey were three beautiful girls, with their whole life in-front of them. Living a perfectly normal life, with work and school. Until their brother one day axed them to death one by one, even his totally innocent baby-sister Nafisa. What later came to knowledge was that he claimed to have heard his dead mother tell him to kill the girls. The judges didn’t believe him. How could they? A man who pays his bills on the Internet minutes before he kills, can not be out of his mind! The case has proven  that he was sane on the moment of the killings. He took Vodka and pills right before or after the killings to be able to hide his horrendous crime behind alcohol- and pill abuse.


 It is wonderful to see that the Norwegian court didn’t fall for his act and that they found him 100% guilty!

This is a tight smack on the face of all the desis who no holds barred were determined to defend him. To say that the poor didn’t know what he was doing as he was an alcohol-abusing insane person. Now it is beyond a doubt proven that this was an HONOR-KILLING. What do all of the thousands of desis here in Oslo now feel? WHY was he given the benefit of the doubt, when at the same time there were been told stories about the shortcomings of his sisters? Not but a handful of desis had the guts to come to a spontaneous gathering on a cold Oslo-night. To show their disgust over the killings and to support the innocent girls! The one who came were targeted to blow the thing out of proportions as this was NOT an honor-killing!

I feel well, as I was one of those handful of people who lit a candle for the girls that evening. And listened to the thoughts read out loud. Thoughts of hundreds of youngsters who were horrified and scared to death by this barbaric killing.

All  of those who believe the honor-killing card is played to much and that most of the girls enjoy their right of equality and respect, would you please answer this simple question? When was the last time a Norwegian-pakistani (desi) boy or a man was killed for not having a proper beard, not read his namaz, or for having sex outside a marriage? When was a boy killed for disgracing his family? When was a boy abused for drinking alcohol?

Why is not one of the biggest sins in Islam; earnings and spending of haram money (money earned through inproper channels without paying taxed etc) punished by our community? (A 16 years old girls was recentaly killed in Canada for not wearing her hijab, by her father)

Why is it that only women are targeted by bashing, ill-mouthing, rumor-spreading, mental abuse, physical abuse and force?

The sentence today gives each and everyone of us plenty food of thought. We all have an obligation to prevent such inhumane crimes and to SHOW our disgust. There should not be a shred of doubt regarding what the majority of us actually feel about these kinds of people, crimes and “culture”.

May Sobia, Saadia and Nafisa finally rest in peace!!


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