From the dawn of time, the humankind has indulged in artistic activities. It has been a basic nature of our species, to create and explore. Cave-art from ten-thousands of years ago is a solid proof of this. With changing times new art-forms has been created, all an exploration of the human mind and their capabilities.

Music and dance has also been an important part of the development of the human spirit. Our community has not always seen the art-form of dance or music even as a positive thing. Many have used our religion as a backbone for their augmentations. Here I need say no more then to watch the wonderfully made movie “Khuda Ke liye”.

Adil Thathaal is a dancer, a great dancer, the best I have seen!His sister is a singer, she has done well for her-selves. Though I would wish she could succeed more in her efforts these last ten years. Deepika Thathaal (Diya) started singing many years ago at the age of 18. She took Norway and Norwegian-Pakistanis by surprise. She bared her back in a music video. That was the beginning of the end of her artistic career in Norway. She got death threats from her own community. Ten years later her baby brother with killer looks took Norway by storm and won the Norwegian edition of “So you thing you can dance”. He was a celebrity! Norwegian loved him, as did many of Norwegian-Pakistanis.

Now, more then a year after his sensational win in the TV-show he is making headlines. He first shared his feelings with, in this interview. He was totally fed up and furios on his own Norwegian-Pakistani community for calling him names and disrespecting him and his family. They called him a transvestite, a “kanjar” (prostitute) and so on. This horrendous behaviour is again seen after his recent interview in a national daily. He boldly admits that he doesn’t give a damn about people saying things at that such Norwegian-Pakistanis should get a life. In response some desis have gone all out to harass him and has said things totally inappropriate on print.

I support Adil one hundred percent!!! I just can’t digest this stupid outburst and reaction from some desis. Apparently thinking they are better then others. They have some nerve calling Adil the things they do. At least Adil has the guts to say what he feels in open and not hide behind nicks on the net. Each and every desi (give or take some) in the country and in the world are as interested in dance, music and entertainment as anyone else. They love to watch it! In Pakistan itself, you will find the hottest and boldest top models, tv-actors, film actors, singers and dancers. All respected and excepted as huge celebraties. They don’t think twice before exposing it all. Here this poor girl is harassed for her baring her back ten years ago and Adil is attacked for his dancing!! Come on people grow up. If anyone wants to be in the creative field of dance and music, so what? If they want to expose or not is solely their business and no-one elses. So why this hullabaloo?

When will some of the desis start using more of their energy on themselves instead of behaving like the moral police. If you have such a strong opinion about dance and music, try searching “mujra” on youtube. Use more of your energy on stopping that vulgar behaviour then stopping youngsters doing nothing wrong by harassing them! I am proud of Adil, he is a rolemodel!


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