Noble peace price, Norway and the climate


 At this very moment I can see images of Mr Gore, Rajendra Pachouri, the Noble peace price committee leader, Prince Haakon Magnus of Norway and Salman Ahmad of Junoon. (Pakistan’s small contribution in  this beautiful ceremony, i feel twice as proud)The Noble peace price ceremony is live on my television. A proud moment each year for the Norwegians. We are lucky to have such an important international recognition placed in the city of Oslo. All the most valuable and respectable people in the world have been in the city to get their peace-price

I must admit that I have not always been as updated on the matters of war and peace as i should be. The peace-price has therefore always been a reminder. Last year it was the Gramin bank and Muhammad Yunus that got the well deserving price. In 2004there was an African woman Wangari Maathai for her contribution through tree-planting. This year it is Al Gore and his incredible work to put the environment and mother earth on the agenda again.


There has been much criticism over the Noble peace price of 2007. Many have felt that this does not have anything to do with what the price was initially meant to recognize. A more obvious work in creating peace. I feel that this years peace-price is perfectly on time.

There will not be a more important and critical moment in the history of our civilization as the one we are living now. The moment where we can make a difference. The difference between an utter devastation of our environment resulting in profound effects on the peace in the world. Or the moment where the mankind unites to save the mother earth and the future of the coming generation.

There is need for action at this very moment. Mr Al Gore, the climate panel IPCC, and his team has done the unimaginable job of getting the attention of the world. Now it is up to each and everyone of us to do what we  can to stop the climate change and save our beautiful planet for our children! We possess a lot more power then we give ourselves credit of. Start with yourself, your family, your surrounding. And most importantly exercise force on your elected governments through your votes. We can make it happen, we have to!


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