Hate-crime gives 45 days in prison!


A while back I got to see the 7 minutes which were cut out of the movie “Sicko”. Michael Moore thought that the sequence would be too far fetched for the Americans. The seven minutes told the world about Norway. A country which is the greatest country in the world to live in. All the information about health care, schools, and other welfare issues were a great watch. What came across as quite disturbing was the imprisonment and punishment situation in Norway. The video might delight some, but for me it was a frightening watch.

The Norwegian judiciary believes in the rehabilitation of a criminal and to make him a regular citizen after his punishment ends. So that he can go back to society and live a normal life. This is all well on the paper and in the movies, but this doesn’t always translate into true justice.

There have been several cases where the public-opinion has gone against controversial verdicts. Justice is not always served as the target of a crime is left to himself while the criminal gets the best of support through chances to educate himself in prison, generous leaves during the weekends and holidays etc.

One such case where the verdict came yesterday is of a 18 year old Norwegian racist who without any prior provocation shot two young girls with a soft-gun.


The youngest of them was shot in between her eyes and was millimeters from loosing her eyes. The 14 year old girl was shot in the back and their brother was shot in the hip. This was purely a hate-crime as was stated in the verdict.

The total injustice in this case is the ridiculously low 45 day imprisonment!

The question that arises is would the verdict have been the same if a Norwegian-Somali or Norwegian-Pakistani 18 year old shot 3 white Norwegian kids with a soft-gun. For no other reason then them being white?? And would there be a similar lack of public opinion against the low punishment as it is now?

The frightening this is that the judge states that punishment is harsh, to make a precedence!!

When even the gravest of crimes give one some months or a few years in prison, then living in Norway doesn’t always give you the security. The security of your rights being protected and the security of the streets being free from convicted pedophiles, murderers and rapists!


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