I love Christmas season!


If there is a place on the planet where you  can see the perfect imaginary world of Santa Claus and Christmas it would be Norway. With pure white snow on the ground and in the air, and chilling cold you couldn’t ask for more. This land of midnight sun is pitch black most of the hours of the day from November to February. Sure the sun visits everyday, from approximately ten to two in the evening. But that certainly is not enough for any desi-person. Thousands upon thousand suffer the winter depression.

One light in such a “dark” time is the Christmas season. From the first of December all of Norway goes into the Christmas mode. Which means star or heart-shaped electric light in all the windows of the house. All the shopping malls, centers and alleys bring out the most wonderful Christmas ornaments and lights. You will see Santa’s and angels and deers everywhere.

Norway is christian country with major part of the population registered in the state church. However, very very few people are practicing Christians. Christmas therefore is more of a tradition then a religious time.

Every home makes seven types av cookies and cakes which has been mandatory for every housewife. (nowadays you buy the seven types). Gingerbread cookies is a must for every kid to be a part of. This weekend my sibling is having a gingerbread cookies-party at her house. All the kids are looking forward to it like crazy.

Yes, I love the Christmas season. Deprived of “light” in life during these months, I look forward to 1. of December. In fear om being labeled as politically incorrect (or correct, depends on eye that is watching). I love Christmas! The lights, the reds and Goldens, the Santas and Christmas trees and all the activities kids have at school and daycare!And not to mention the joy and stress I see all around me. People shopping Christmas gifts!

011220074001.jpgI have covered my living-room table with red table cloth. On it I have several types of whole-nuts in bowl, I have gingerbread-cookies in a jar, I have oranges and I have my adorable stuffed Santa-helpers in the window.

Past Saturday I took my kids out to the movies and after that we visited the christmasmarket set up in front of the city-hall in Oslo. The lights, the atmosphere….. It was great. One big disappointment was the lack of snow!! That alone made it all wrong, I really hope we can see our beloved snow soon. The last couple of years they haven’t been those crazy amounts of snow in Oslo. And I hope Oslo will continue this new addition in the city-picture, the Christmas market!


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