Ban plastic shopping bags in Norway, Zanzibar banned them in 2006

I have never been environmentally conscious. One incident I do remember however is the Tjernobyl disaster. I was very young at the time, but me and my sister got really scared. We used to believe that the yellow-greenish stuff laying on the ground after rains were nuclear downfall. That scared the hell out of two little girls. It is only years later I remembered this and laughed as I knew that the yellow-greenish stuff was pollen 🙂

The wake-up call that the world has had these last months has also shook me. I find it very difficult though to alter my privileged life. We do recycle, paper and other waste. Other then that there is not much I find myself doing for mother earth!

One thing that struck me recently is how blindly we use plastic bags in Norway. These are used in hundred millions each year. Everybody uses plastic shopping bags, which are bought for 50 øre (a nickle)… Norway is a pioneer in the environmental battle, or so it would like to believe. I therefore find it amazing that so many Norwegians (me included) buy and use plastic bags. Norwegians are very environmentally conscious!! How has this gone by, without anyone taking action on a national level? I mean…..Zanzibar banned plastic shopping bags last year. And Tasmania in Australia did the same in 2003.

If one country can do such a thing, it must be Norway. With majority of people being aware of the environmental horror scenarios we are facing today, this should be childsplay. I have always used the shopping bags for litter bags and thought I was saving the planet. The truth is that regular plastic bags take 20 years to dissolve. Use white litter-bags..they are biologically desolveable.

I call for a national movement in Norway. Ban all plastic shopping bags and replace them with environment-friendly options. Such as reusable plastic bag or reusable bags made of fabric. Each and everyone of us can live a perfectly normal life sense plastic shopping bags!!!


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  1. Iffit
    Aug 01, 2008 @ 10:12:22

    Shazia I jut saw this today. Extremeliy important point you are making. I’m thinking of buying a trolley to put my shopping. So much easier and much more enviromentally friendly. Im in the board of Global Migrants for Climate Action in Oslo and we see that Norway is not doing enough. The so-called carbon credits is a complete farce. To attempt to prevent global warming demands that we in the Western world completely change our way of living. For example one car per family, smaller cars, using public transport, recycling clothes, plain white paper around gifts instead of gift wrapping paper which cannot be broken down, using enviromentally friendly washing products and avoiding companies like Coca Cola, H&M, McDonalds, Burger King etc which exploit the resources of poorer countries…..
    Just a few thoughts…


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