Three sleepless nights

People get sick from time to time, as do kids. Usually more often then one can manage. The younger they are….the sicker they become. A fever reaching 40 degrees Celsius is not seldom.

One of the perks of living in Norway is the brilliantly built out daycare system. Most of the children from one to six go to a daycare. The need for this is due to both mom and dad working full-time. This they have to do, as the cost of living in Norway is sky-high. There is no chance to make it through mortgage-payments and bills, basic necessities and occasional quality living unless the couple works. (this wont apply if you are married to a multimillionaire or still live with your in-laws/parents).

There is a praiseworthy system of highly qualified personnel, strict restrictions in regard to safety, hygiene, play-area etc etc. (many shortcomings also ofcourse) But despite all this there are regular “epidemics” of tummy-flue and other “nasty” flues. No wonder actually, as there are 20 kids sharing the same environment.

Well, these past three days my precious one has been down with flue. As so we thought, but when there was no sign of fever going down I trusted my gut-feeling and took him to the doctor. Strep-infection in the throat, my poor kid! And guess  who we met at the doctors? His buddy from the daycare…as ill as mine! 

On one hand I was sitting there praising the health-care system and on the other hand cursing these rapid “epidemics”. There is one security though…. the fact that my child and everyone else’s in Norway, gets the best treatment there is!


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