You come last…?

Pamper youself!

From as early as I can remember I have learnt that I come last. My upbringing, my religion, my society, my friends and all the people around me taught me that in any circumstance, I would take my self into consideration at last.

From all the bollywood movies, and all the lollywood  movies and all the Pakistani dramas you learn to prioritize you own needs at last. Not only movies and dramas but also literature tells girls specifically that they should please everyone around them and that will make them happy. All the heroins are the ones which are selfless, giving it all up for their mom and dad, or husband or friend or children.

I was even taught to pray for myself at last with each namaz, otherwise my wishes wouldn’t be granted. This has been a part of my life, as important as say; not lying, or cheating or stealing. With the passing years I have learnt a thing or two about how to treat myself.

I now know that I DON’T come at last. I have learnt that I can not treat anyone with respect and love, unless i treat myself with respect and love. I don’t sacrifice myself in any given situation to be the “good” girl.

Don’t get me wrong girls, no need to become selfish or arrogant! On the contrary, if you really want people around you to be happy. Start being happy yourself first. Treat yourself nicely…. eat right, get your sleep, exercise, pamper yourself occasionally get some hobbies and do the things you love to do. Do this with the clearest of consciouses, knowing that by doing this you are getting the energy to love your loved ones even more.


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