Sundays are waffle days!


When I was a little girl and right up until my marriage and moving out, Sundays were paratha days. All of us used to look forward to Sundays, for this simple reason. My dad used to make the best parathas in the world. Parathas filled with potatoes, mmm yummi!!

There was this special ambiance in the kitchen when dad used to show of his amazing culinary skills, with all of us kids and mom as helpers. Those are some wonderful memories.

I believe I was thirteen the first time I heard about the weight monster and exercise. I was a petite girl, but the thing got stuck in my mind. I had to watch my weight at the tender age of thirteen, although I was underweight at the time. BUT that did not stop me or my siblings from divulging into a parathafeast. Those were the days!!

Nowadays, no aloo-parathas in the house, ever! Sundays now are waffle-days. Even though I miss parathas every time a dig my teeth’s into a waffle, my children love waffles. This is no culinary challenge. Waffles are super easy, hence mom (which would be me) is super happy.

In Norway you are served waffles at junior’s football match, at kids birthday parties, when visiting a Norwegian friend for coffee, on flee-markets along side hot-dogs and like at our house, on Sundays!

Unlike American, Belgian or french waffles, Norwegian waffles are somewhat healthy and simple to eat. I make mine with “Fibra” the new flour containing 11% Fibres. This makes them much healthier then the usual version. I add no sugar, just a hint of salt, eggs and milk. The only unhealthy thing would be the 100 grams of margarine! Waffles are served with strawberry jam, brown goat-cheese or sour-cream. The sour-cream has never been tasted at our house but I love waffles with goat-cheese!

I often think, life is too short, maybe I should make alooparathas on a sunday??

Have a wonderful sunday!


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